AmazeFan Pull Up Bar for Doorway, Chin-Up Bar with Extended Hand Grips

This pull up bar is a very durable and strong unit; we speak of none other than the AmazeFan Pull Up Bar for Doorway Chin-Up Bar with Extended Hand Grips. This one is one of the more heavy duty models on the market made from heavy duty steel and with a capacity of up to 300lbs it is quite the heavy weight.

It is strong but it won’t destroy your door as it comes with protection pads to protect the door frame. The bar is adjustable so that it is versatile enough to fit a number of different types of door frames. The bar is padded in grip areas and it also provides a wide grip so you can switch up your workouts to ensure that you don’t hit a plateau.

With the ability to adjust the height of installation you can get as much or as little leg room as you need. This is a feature you don’t find in a lot of pull-up bars. Like other pull up bars this one will work your shoulders, arms, chest, back and abs – your entire upper body.

The AmazeFan Pull Up Bar for Doorway Chin-Up Bar with Extended Hand Grips offers three different grip options to help you work your muscles beyond plateau. You can use the grips to do overhand grips and underhand grips which can help to target all the upper body muscles at different intensities. There is also the position of the hammer grip that works your shoulder and back muscles at increased intensity.

In addition to use for pull-ups you can also use this bar at the foot of the doorframe as support for doing crunches and sit-ups as well as for doing push-ups and dips.


  • Made from heavy duty steel so it is highly durable and strong
  • Can support a weight of 300lbs
  • Made with door frame guards to protect your door frame from damage
  • Adjustable design for changing the height helps to ensure the right fit I the doorway and also to allow you the most comfortable distance from the floor based on your limb length or your height
  • Comes with a download link for the Back Blaster workout
  • Fits into doorways with a width of between 27 inches and 35 inches


  • Good for chin-ups, pull-ups and hammer grip pull-ups
  • Three grip widths; narrow, neutral and wide grip options
  • Can be used for push-ups, crunches, sit-ups and triceps dips
  • Made from top quality stainless steel
  • Highly durable
  • Versatile design
  • Comfortable padding on grips
  • Allows you to adjust it for your height and for your doorway
  • Will fit into the widest doorframes thanks to its ability to adjust
  • Manual included to give you a guide
  • Includes poster with different workouts that you can do
  • Great size for small living spaces


  • Assembly of this pull up bar takes longer than most other pull-up bars


The AmazeFan Pull Up Bar for Doorway Chin-Up Bar with Extended Hand Grips offers you versatility with three grip options; close, wide and hammer grip. They allow you to adjust the bar as necessary so you can work your upper body muscles at different intensities. Whenever you feel the need to apply more pressure you simply increase resistance by moving to a wider grip.

You will love the fact that you have the opportunity to extend the width beyond your doorframe – your average pull up bar won’t be able to do this and this wider grip allows for a much harder workout.

You will love how you can mount this pull up bar to pretty much any doorframe between 27 inches and 35 inches. The pull up bar is designed to protect your doorframe so you don’t have to worry about this damaging your doorframe like other pull-up bars.

It is also designed to be installed easily even for the least technical person – no learning curve included. With a weight capacity of 300lbs it is suitable for use with the heaviest person. It is definitely a great tool for working out the muscles in your upper body and it offers adjustability by width and by height as well.


Assembling this pull-up bar will take you a bit longer than most other bars that typically take you around 15 minutes. The AmazeFan Pull Up Bar for Doorway Chin-Up Bar with Extended Hand Grips will take you approximately 30 minutes since it comes with a bit more pieces than other competing bars.

When you run a comparison of this and other pull-up bars you will find that this one is quite more affordable. When you compare their features you will find that for the price you pay you get a lot more value for money than if you had purchased another pull-up bar.

This is definitely the best pull-up bar for you if you are working on general fitness. Other bars will offer wider range and bigger grip variations but they will only offer you the option to do pull-ups.

The AmazeFan Pull Up Bar for Doorway Chin-Up Bar with Extended Hand Grips on the other hand offers you the ability to do a bunch of different workouts that target your abs, your back, your chest, your shoulders and your arms.

This pull up bar is one of the smallest available when compared to others on the market. While it is small it offers more versatility and is adjustable more than many of even the high end models available. This is great since it will work in smaller spaces for those who have to live in a small apartment and it also makes it easier to store when you are not using it.


The AmazeFan Pull Up Bar for Doorway Chin-Up Bar with Extended Hand Grips is highly recommended and comes with great reviews so you don’t have to take our word for it. This workout bar is quite innovative and offers you the option to do more than just chin-ups and pull-ups. This is the ideal piece of equipment if you are looking for something to work your upper body.

It is affordably priced and highly functional while providing low impact on your door frame and allowing for more adjustability than a number of other models on the market. We recommend this workout bar for all your upper body toning and strengthening needs.

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