Shamrock Triple Pull Up Bar

It is agreed worldwide that pull-ups offer the most effective means of developing your strength or physique especially in the upper part of your body. It is therefore a good idea to install a pull-up in your room if you want to build your body muscles and have a nice shape unlike individuals boasting with their huge tummy that is merely a source of laziness to them.

Pull-up bars are designed to encourage users to perform body building activities called pull up exercises. The name is derived from the fact that it induces a pulling action to the upper part of your body.

The exercise involves suspending your body using your arms with the help of the hands gripping a fastened and fixed bar. The body is then pulled up until the head goes higher than the hands while your elbows are definitely bent. This article basically describes the Shamrock Triple Pull Up Bar which uses the same working mechanism like other pull up bars

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  • Shamrock Triple Pull up has a complete suspension to hang your body weight.
  • Supports more than thirty five exercises which are able to work or practise all important muscles of your upper body.
  • It is designed using steel that is heavy duty and foam grips of high quality.
  • It can be fixed on the standard doorways in less than sixty seconds.
  • It supports up to 300lb user weight.
  • The width is adjustable.


  • Shamrock pull-up bar is like an alarm that wakes you up every morning. It is fixed inside your house and thus beneficial in getting you continually focused on exercising.
  • It is a great motivator as it is staring at you every time you are at home.
  • The size is standardized to fit your doorframe unlike other bars you may buy but eventually do not use as they may not fit into your big doorframes.
  • It is cheap, sturdy and designed with the modern technology enabling one to do controlled pull-ups.
  • It is cheaper than other pull-ups.
  • It is flexible and supports any body weight of up to 300lb since the widths can be adjusted.
  • It is ideal for fat loss.
  • It exercises more muscles since its activity is a closed kinetic chain, meaning your body is moved through the space keeping your hands fixed. Both “pull” and “push” muscles here are flexed simultaneously hence more muscles are involved.
  • Builds the strength and mass of your upper body effectively. Lifting the whole body certainly loads a lot of muscles and eventually induces an anabolic growth leading to a more powerful body mass.


  • Requires you to have a significantly strong upper body so as to withstand the continuous lifting. A pull up user therefore should have a core musculature in order to execute a slow and smooth exercise or else may end up being embarrassed.
  • It can subject your neck, elbows and shoulders to tremendous strain especially if you are a beginner or a fatigued fellow.
  • Does not support all the targeted muscles. Building your bicep strength might require the need to go for other exercises like chin-ups as opposed to pull-ups which target more of your lat.
  • Challenges the entire upper part of your body causing pain and discomfort. You may injure your shoulder if your body is not properly balanced during the exercise.


If you have never used this Shamrock pull-up bar before, it is your time to own one and am sure the first time you interact with it, you will confess to have ‘fallen in love’ due to the sturdiness, light weight and above all, the durability. The workout position plus the different handles are indeed adorable. It hangs higher compared to other bars, hence taller people can comfortably accomplish their extended exercises. Generally, the product is great as it is easy to assemble, easy to remove when not needed and does not have to be fixed on a wall.

To wrap up all these, Shamrock pull-up bar is simple and affordable yet it is very effective. The weaknesses of these excellent product are similar to those of other pull-ups and thus if you are really dedicated to building your body mass, then this is the perfect gym for you.

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