GRONK Fitness – MULTI-GRIP Pull Up Bar Review

Are you looking for a pull up bar for your home or gym? Why don’t you give the Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar from Gronk Fitness a try? As you, no doubt, already know, pull up exercises can offer several benefits to your workout regimen. This kind of equipment is likely to take your excise regiment to a whole new level.

This pull up bar is manufactured from solid steel; it is sturdy. According to the makers of this bar, it has been designed with care and crafted to perfection. It is a product that is certain to last for a long time. As such, you will be able to keep exercising and remain fit for a longer period of time.

There are several notable features in this pull up bar. One of the most interesting of these features is that you can easily attach accessories to the bar to increase the range of exercises that you can perform with it. As it stands, the multi-grip feature allows you to try out a wide range of push up variations to maximize your workout results.


There are several features of the Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar from Gronk Fitness that make it an excellent choice for your gym or your home. We have listed some of them below.

  • This pull-up bar is sturdy and capable of handling weights up to 800lb
  • It is a monkey style bar which allows different grips to be used
  • The distance between mounting holes is 48″, enabling it to fit standard studs
  • It is meant to be attached to walls, vertically with a 20″ bracket
  • Assembled, it has a size of 49″ x 24″ x 20″ as the length, width and height respectively
  • A powder coating has been applied to prevent rust


This pull up bar has quite a few pros, which go on to show that it is a quality product worth considering.

  • Withstands up to 800lb
  • Can be easily mounted in concrete or standard studs
  • Installation is easy
  • It allows the use of multiple types of grips
  • The frame can be reversed for enhanced versatility


One of the best things about this pull up bar is how little there is to complain about it. In fact, it has only one notable flaw.

  • The grip offered could have been better


Overall, this is a product that you are certain to like. Quality seems to have been a priority for the manufacturer and it shows. The good thing is that you can get this quality at a reasonable price.

Apart from a high weight limit, it feels highly durable and designed withstand the test of time. The powder coating is invaluable due to its ability to prevent scratches and rust.

You are likely to continue using this for a long time without getting bored as well. After all, you can use different grips. Additionally, you can increase the exercise variety by reversing the frame. You can also use it to anchor bands and rings for more exercises.

Installation is a breeze. 6 screws are provided along with the frame. You simply need to drill the holes and mount the frame. You don’t have to go screw hunting as a result. The bar itself is bolted flush to the brackets, eliminating any movement that can affect safety.

In short, this is an excellent piece of equipment. The range of features available enables it to be a good addition to any gym or home.


Gronk Fitness has created a premium quality push bar in this product. In fact, it is easily one of the best you can get in the market. Some of the other options that come close to this model are the Wall/Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar from CFF and the Wall Mount Pull Up Bar from Ultimate Body Press.

The CFF bar is a good option. It is sturdy and offers a strong grip. It can even be mounted on ceilings for more exercise variety. However, it is more expensive than Gronk Fitness and lacks the versatility as well. It is pricier as well. Installation can be tricky as well since it takes more time and effort for mounting it.

As for Ultimate Body Press, their pull up bar is of a high quality. Installation is straightforward. You get 4 different grip positions to choose from during your pull ups.

Foam grips have been included so as to enhance traction while ensuring comfort. Be that as it may, the welds are not very reassuring. It is also quite possible for you to find a few parts missing when you order it. One of its best features is the incredibly low price at which it is offered.

Overall, the Gronk Fitness pull up bar still comes out on top. It offers the best combination of quality, exercise variety, usability, installation and price.


If you want a good quality pull up bar at an affordable price, your first choice should be the pull up bar from Gronk Fitness. It fares a lot better when compared to the other wall-mounted pull up bars in the market. Its quality is certainly one of the best. The solid fixture can handle an immense amount of weight while offering a greater range of exercises to be performed with it.

If you opt for other pull up bars, you are rarely likely to get such a good package of features at this price point. There are options that are less expensive. However, they will have other less impressive features such as poor quality or even a lack of mounting hardware.

Gronk Fitness has a winner in its hands with this pull up bar. At its price, it is a great deal. If want a pull up bar that supports your need for powerful pull ups, this is the one you should give a serious thought to. Maximize your workout and derive the massive fitness benefits which pull ups are capable of providing you.

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