Stamina 1690 Power Tower Review

If you are trying to get into shape or if you are already in great shape and want to maintain your results at home, then the Stamina 1690 Power Tower may just be what you have been searching for. This multi-use exercise equipment combines effective exercises and a space-saving design all into one portable unit.

It has everything you want without being big and bulky. You can get the look you have always wanted in the comfort of your home. The unit is made of high-quality and durable materials so it will be able to last you for years.

It uses the power of gravity and your body weight to provide the resistance you need to really work your muscles and burn fat. You don’t have to buy a bulky machine that uses heavy weights that can be a pain to replace.

You will love how effective and simple this workout machine really is. You get a great deal of function and flexibility. Some of the workouts that you can get with this machine include sit-ups, pull-ups, pushups, and dips.

It is everything that you could ask for in a home workout machine. We will be going over some of the pros and cons of owning this machine to help you decide if it is right for your needs.

Features Of The Pull Up Bar

  • Comfortable foam grips to give you the support you need when performing exercises
  • This workout machine has a 250 lb. capacity which is plenty for most workout needs
  • It offers a wide variety of exercise so that you can get serious about getting in shape
  • The whole unit only weighs around 60 lbs.
  • Stamina is a trusted and high-quality brand that has been on the market for years
  • This equipment can get you into serious shape or just help you to tone up
  • The space-saving design will fit in most homes without being bulky


  • This product is made by a respectable brand that has been making world class products for years
  • The materials used to make the product are the very best and create a design that will last for many years
  • It is lightweight which makes it very portable so you can move it anytime that you want
  • You get tons of exercises that normally could only be achieved in a gym
  • A space-saving design means that you don’t have to sacrifice a whole room to get the exercises that you need


  • The unit has a lower pull-up bar than you would have in a doorframe style pull-up bar
  • The machine should not be left around small children because it could pose a hazard. The weight limit is 250 lbs. so this would not be ideal for heavier individuals
  • The product requires assembly so you might want to decide if you are willing to put it together
  • If you are looking for a heavy product, this might not be the product for you


If you are looking for a quality product to help get you get or keep you in shape, then this just may be the product for you. If you have been searching for a cost effective machine that can give you results as well as a wide variety of exercises that are designed to get you in the best shape of your life, this machine is worth checking out.

It can provide all of the most popular and effective muscle-building exercises that you need to get and stay in the best shape. This machine has many satisfied customers, and you could be one of them. Determine what your needs are when it comes to your exercise routine.

If you find that this workout machine is checking most of your boxes, then you should seriously consider buying it. Don’t spend money every month on a gym membership that you may or may not use.

If you have exercise equipment at home, then you will be far more likely to use it. No need to have to get dressed and drive to the gym. All you have to do is start using the equipment right there in your own home.

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