CFF Wall/Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar Review

Are you looking for a more permanent pull up bar to install in your home gym or office? Not everyone wants to use the temporary styles that hook over a door—maybe they feel flimsy to you and you worry about hurting yourself; maybe you want to use it somewhere that doesn’t have a doorframe or your doorframes aren’t the right size to accommodate them; or you just have a dedicated space and would prefer to install it there. In that case, the CFF Wall or Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar is worth a look.

Features Of The Pull Up Bar

  • The CFF Mounted Pull Up Bar is attached securely to your ceiling or wall, making it incredibly sturdy and durable
  • It is made of high-quality, commercial-grade material
  • When installed, the bar is 46” wide, and sticks out from the wall by 30” so you can do a wide range of exercises
  • It can hold up to 300lbs. in weight—great for larger bodies or those using weighted materials to increase their workout
  • The process to install it is very straightforward and all screws and bolts are supplied


  • Obviously one of the biggest benefits is that it is permanently installed! This greatly improves the stability of the equipment, which is important when performing pull ups or chin ups. It feels much more safe and secure than doorframe versions
  • With a good 30” of room between the wall and the bar, the variety of exercises and grip positions that can be used is really impressive. It is similar to many bars used in gyms or in the military for more boot-camp style workouts—and you know that they use only the best equipment!
  • It is made of very heavy-duty materials that won’t bend, flex or buckle under strain
  • The bar was comfortable to use—the black powder coating gave it a little bit of grip which helped to keep sweaty hands in place
  • There are ways to add extra pieces of equipment to give even greater variety to your workout You can purchase a set of rings to attach to the bar and add ring dips and other such exercises, or buy a range of stretch bands that can be looped over the top for resistance work


  • It is very important that you check that your wall can take the weight bearing when this piece of equipment is used—you don’t want to rip it out of the wall! It does come with extensive instructions for installation so you can feel confident that it is right
  • Make sure the installation location gives you room to work out—don’t install it right next to a wall as you will need room to swing your elbows
  • Because it is permanently installed, take extra care when measuring and placing the equipment. A stud finder and a level can be useful to ensure it is in the right place
  • If you are renting or are not allowed to drill holes into your wall then it’s not going to be the right choice for you
  • The lack of portability is a key difference to other pull-up bars on the market that you can hang over a door


The CFF Wall/Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar is an outstanding choice if you have the appropriate space in your home or office to permanently install a pull-up bar. Its strength and durability withstand a lot of weight and heavy duty use.

Installation was relatively quick and straightforward with all necessary hardware supplied; and the extensive number of ways that the bars can be used meant that the workout was varied and flexible. Please take the time to check your walls for the safest place to install, for your own safety as well as the comfort of your workout.

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