Iron Core Athletics Wall Mount Pull Up Bar Review

The ideal tool for performing an intense upper body workout in the comfort of your own home, the Iron Core Athletics Wall Mount Pull Up Bar is both affordable and strong. This heavy-duty wall-mounted chin bar is a key component in crafting a sculpted physique using only the weight of your own body.

The re-enforced poly coated steel and extra strong mounting brackets ensure that the pull-up bar will last even during the most intense workouts. In fact, the pull-up bar is crafted from industrial strength materials, similar to the materials used in professional gyms and CrossFit boxes, and is designed for heavy use on a regular basis.

Beyond the core strength of the Iron Core Athletics Pull Up Bar, there is also a level of comfort found in the padded hand grips. These three different pairs of dense foam handles provide flexibility in your personal workout and allow for narrow, medium, and wide-grip locations.

The variety of grips allow you to perform a range of workouts, using only the pull-up bar, and work on your arms, shoulders, back, lats, hands, and even your chest on just a single piece of equipment. Even if you are a rookie who struggles to perform three pull ups, this chin-up bar will have you performing varied and exciting repetitions every day to help you increase your upper body strength.

The pull-up bar comes with easy-to-follow installation instructions, and mounting brackets for mounting to concrete, block walls, and wood beams. The extra strong mounting brackets each feature four mounting holes for a total of eight mounting holes rather than the more common total of four mounting holes found on similar products. Once mounted, the 12” distance between the wall and the bracket provides ample space to get started and perform your first workout.

Features Of The Pull Up Bar

  • Heavy duty pull up/chin up bar crafted from re-enforced poly coated steel
  • Comes with three different pairs of sturdy padded foam hand grips which allow for narrow, medium, and wide grip locations
  • Mounting hardware brackets each feature four holes, totaling eight mounting holes as seen in professional pull up bars used in gyms and CrossFit boxes
  • Comes with easy to follow installation instructions in a number of languages
  • Package includes hardware and mounting brackets for installation on concrete, block walls, and wood beams
  • Total dimensions of the product: 21” x 8” x 5” inches
  • Space between the wall and bracket once mounted: 12”
  • 60-day no questions asked money back return policy and warranty included with the pull-up bar


  • Extremely sturdy when mounted to concrete, block walls, and wood beams
  • Can easily support over 200 lb. in weight
  • Foam grips are durable and will last for many workouts
  • Three sets of foam grips provide flexibility in the types of workouts you can perform using the pull up bar
  • Easy to set up with clear instructions and hardware included in the package
  • An inexpensive solution to working on your upper body from the comfort of your own home


  • Some complaints about the wall fasteners which come with the product not being strong enough
  • Also some complaints regarding the tools which come with the product for fastening the bolts not really performing the task well and recommended use of additional home tools for installation
  • Not recommended for attachment to dry wall, even if there is concrete, wood, or block walls behind the dry wall as it will cause damage


Overall, the Iron Core Athletics Wall Mount Pull Up Bar is among the best on the market. Beyond its very reasonable price tag, the chin bar is extremely durable and is more than capable of comfortably supporting the weight of almost anyone who uses it.

The premium-grade materials used in the construction of the bar make you feel like you are using a professional product in the comfort of your own home, which in itself can be great inspiration for continuing a workout plan every day, and increasing your upper body strength.

Although the pull-up bar comes with everything you require for installation (hardware, instructions etc.), it is highly recommended to ensure it is properly installed before working out. All in all, this is one of the best pull up bars you will find anywhere and an excellent way to keep fit at home.

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