The Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar Review

Do you want to buy a mountable pull-up bar? The Ultimate Pull up Bar by Ultimate Body Press is a device designed to mount on your home’s walls, and it comes with holes and mounting plates. You position them at exactly 16”, at its center. You can easily bolt it in your stud-framed wall. The bar is stable, enabling you to do workouts any time.

This Ultimate Pull up Bar allows you to do exercises that involve your core, back, upper body and chest for rapid progress. It also consists of optional pull up bar accessories, assisted exercise variations—for example, push-up rings, suspension trainers, and ab straps. These features make it ideal for use even by beginners.

Pull ups enable you to activate large groups of muscles in single motions. This process triggers your metabolism, which leads to effects such as fat burning. The result is tremendous muscle gains. This review looks at these features in detail, the pros and cons of this device, and delivers a final say.

Features Of The Pull Up Bar

  • 4 grip positions—One of the main features of the Ultimate Pull Up Bar is its four multiple grip positions. They enable you to alter your grip holds. That allows you to target various muscle groups.
  • Assisted variations—Another feature of the pull up bar is its assisted pull-ups. They include the body weight row and negative pull up. These features enable the user to have full sets for any skill level.
  • Optional accessories—It also consists of optional accessories. They include ab straps, push up rings, and gymnastic rings, which are sold separately. These accessories allow you to expand your workout options which enables you to achieve your exercise goals even if you are a beginner with this bar.
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  • Precision machining ensures your mounting holes meet your stud-framed walls; that’s at exactly 16 inches on its center. It means that this pull up bar is easy to mount
  • We also loved its improved stability. That’s because we experienced better workouts compared to our previous pull up bars
  • Another point is its sturdiness. You can use it no matter your weight. The push-up rings and ab straps will make you enjoy this device
  • 30% increased thickness in its steel and mounting plates
  • High comfort levels because it consists of high-density foam grips and a non-slip knurled steel. This feature allows you to enjoy extended workouts
  • It’s also quick to install, generally taking about 15 minutes. That means you won’t have to spend the whole day trying to set it up
  • Many preferred it as compared to hanging doorway versions, especially those who are tall
  • It’s also a solid device and supports most weights
  • In its other reviews, some users had complaints about its measurements. We would advise you stick to exactly 16” on its center when mounting. You should also consider using bar soap on lag bolts—it’s a standard practice and helps a lot


  • We loved this pull up bar. One of its cons, in our opinion, is its price. But that’s just our thinking. We would advise you check your budget estimates. Don’t let the price tag pull you back. It an excellent pull-up bar if you are looking for one
  • Some instructions were found to be contradicting. On this one, we would advise that you pre-drill the holes correctly. You should also ensure that it is level when installing
  • The packaging of its front facing rubber grips is also wanting. We would recommend that they improve in this area


The Ultimate Pull Up Bar from Ultimate Body Press lives up to its name. Its robust nature and variety of features will allow you to get the most out of your workouts. You can now enjoy your pull ups, due to its multiple grip positions, regardless of your height or weight. We give it a rating of 8.5/10. Check your budget and online reviews as you consider buying the Ultimate Pull Up Bar.

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