Garren Fitness™ Maximiza Pull-up Bar Review

Pull-ups are a great way to shape and strengthen the muscles of your back. However, this is not a routine that beginners can pull off; this exercise needs a huge amount of upper body strength just to accomplish one set. To break through pull-ups, you need a pull-up bar to improve and finally complete a set.

Today, the industry has made available different kinds of pull-up bars that cater to different levels of users. Looking for a bar that fits your needs should not be a challenge for you.

In this article, we are going to review a model that you might be interested in—the Garren Fitness™ Maximiza Pull-Up Bar.


  • Can develop user’s upper body strength; it can tone and power up arms, the back, shoulders and the abdominals for an excellent upper body exercise session.
  • Has heavy-duty and medium-duty door mounts and chrome steel bar that offers superior support and lots of safety.
  • Capable of taking in up to 300 pounds when installed properly with the help of screw-in door brackets.
  • Versatile equipment; can be used for exercises like chin-ups, sit-ups, hanging leg lifts and crunches apart from pull-ups.
  • Has comfortable, non-slip and lengthy foam grips to reduce hand fatigue.
  • Can be used in a variety of locations; includes multiple screw-in door mount kits so it can be relocated to varying locations and height.
  • The adjustable bar can fit regular doorways between 26-36 inches.


Owning a pull-up bar like the Maximiza from Garren Fitness is in fact, an advantage already. The pull-up bar is an affordable way to lose weight, improve upper body strength, enhance and gain muscle.

One of the most tiring aspects of working out is going to the gym. A lot of individuals who want to stay fit often balk at the idea of going to the gym due to the inconvenience it sets; the majority of people who give up gym memberships is due to busy schedules.

If you do not live near a gym, you can buy a pull-up bar for your home. Regardless of its price, getting one is worth it. Using it is quite a challenge but with enough practice and devotion, you will achieve a good number of sets and in turn, get the body and strength you are after.

As mentioned before, doing pull-ups is hard work because you have to exert lots of effort just to pull your body up and allow your chin to get in contact with the bar. However, the benefits and the convenience it provides is top notch.

You cannot cheat with this kind of equipment, and that is how a proper workout should be.

As soon as you have mastered doing a set, you can improve bit by bit if you do pull-ups regularly till you can finish an impressive ten sets. Do those sets before you get out of the house or before going to bed.

Create a goal, and because the bar is right there in your home, it will always remind you to get going and exercise.

For loads of strengthening and toning the arms, back and abs, nothing does it better than a pull-up bar like the Maximiza. It offers lots of versatility—users can employ the bar as a means to do chin-ups, crunches, hanging leg raises and more.

It is made with heavy-duty chrome steel and framed for maximum durability. It includes three sets of screw-in door mountings (one medium-duty and two heavy-duty) so users can install it solidly at any height they prefer.

The heavy door mounts of the bar can take in up to 300 pounds of weight while the medium-duty ones are capable of withstanding around 200 pounds of weight. For safe, stable and comfortable workouts, the bar includes non-slip foam grips that have sufficient length to prevent hand fatigue.

It can fit all regular doorways of around 26 inches to 36 inches in width. It is a lightweight bar, and it can be carried in any location you prefer.

The bar includes three sets of metal cup brackets fastened to the door frame with the help of screws; users can install the brackets at varying heights or doorframes.

Customers who were satisfied with the product claimed that if installed correctly as per manufacturer’s instructions, the bar can easily take in up to 200-300 pounds of weight. It is a durable model due to its heavy-duty steel composition and chrome plating.

Many customers also liked its safe and sturdy design plus its affordable price.

According to one customer, he likes that the item can be mounted easily and users can employ the product as soon as it was installed. Solidly build, it’s tight and secure enough without him worrying that the bar will drop right off.

He added that the non-slip foam grips provided a safe and comfortable exercise session, unlike other bars.

Another user said that she was impressed with the fast customer support response. She added that she would likely do business with the company again.


While the majority of customers felt satisfied with their Maximiza orders, there were some who have had problems with it. There’s a tendency for the bar to rotate to some extent when gripped to do pull-ups.

It could be because the bar does not have any locking mechanism for its tightness so users may have a tendency to overly tighten the bar which can lead to big damage to the doorframe. To be safe, you need to assess and identify where it’s best to install your pull-up bar.


To fully appreciate Garren Fitness™ Maximiza Pull-up Bar experience, you have to follow the installation directions carefully to a T. If you mount the item in the required manner, you can do your workouts right after installing it.

It is that convenient. Use the item according to your weight, and you will not have any problems using it. No doubt about it, though, we highly recommend this pull-up bar.

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