Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars

A wall mounted pull up bar offers plenty of sturdiness and is not intrusive and in the way of your door. It frees up floor space and it doesn’t look odd on very many walls in your house so long as you aren’t putting a pull up bar in your bathroom. If you want something that is removable you could also take a wall mounted pull up bar off of the wall and put up a painting to hide all the marks in the wall.

Having a pull up bar on your wall is a great thing to have to improve your overall fitness. It is easy to use no matter what type of clothing you are using, and it is easy to remove so long as you are willing to have a few walls in the whole.

The pull up bar is ideal for unfinished basement home gyms and you don’t have to do a lot of repetitions on it in order to feel the burn in your arms and to start getting some muscle gain.

What is a wall mounted pull up bar?

Basically a wall mounted pull up bar is a bar that you attach to your wall that is generally used to perform a variety of exercises on. The wall mounted pull up bar is attached to the wall usually using a variety of brackets and screws to make sure that it can hold your body weight while you perform your exercises on it.

A wall mounted pull up bar generally has a variety of grips in a variety of locations such as narrow grips, wide grips and sometimes even side grips to add to the challenge.

The brackets on a wall mounted pull up bar are generally 16 inches apart so that they hit your studs and will be able to support your weight. Generally the brackets will also go vertically up your wall as well and have at least 2 slots a side so that there is enough support.

Why do you need a wall mounted pull up bar?

You need a wall mounted pull up bar for a variety of reasons. First of all having your own wall mounted pull up bar can lower your needs of having a gym membership which can lower your overall monthly expenses. If you have a pull up bar then you can do pull ups whenever you want and you don’t have to go out of your way to exercise.

The great thing about a pull up bar is that you can also carry a bit of extra weight with you by attaching some weight to a belt that you are wearing or by some other means. Adding extra weight increases the difficulty tremendously and once you are good enough at pull ups, it is nice to be able to struggle a bit and continue to gain muscles once your body becomes very comfortable with lifting up your own body weight.

It doesn’t matter how heavy set you are, or how light weight you are; if you do your best to lift yourself up on a regular basis using the wall mounted pull up bar you will surely gain both muscle mass and improve on either your repetitions or the height to which you can comfortably lift yourself up to.

How to choose a wall mounted pull up bar?

It actually can be fairly difficult to choose which pull up bar is best for your own unique situation.

First of all it is a good idea to determine who is going to be using the pull up bar so that you can make sure that weight limits aren’t exceeded; knowing who is going to be using the bar is also a great way to determine the length of bar you need so that everyone using the bar can comfortable doing the exercises they want to do whether that be something like wide grip pull ups, chin ups or regular pull ups.

Depending on your situation you may be especially interested in the way that the pull up bar attaches to the wall so that you can have the least amount of damage possible and the greatest amount of support so that you aren’t falling off in the middle of exercising.

To conclude

It doesn’t matter if you are a gym rat or you never do arm exercises, buying yourself a wall mounted pull up bar can be a great way to get started or to add onto your regular workout routine. It is important to find a workout bar that fits within the spot you want it and that the bar is properly supported so that it isn’t going to fall off the wall when you are mid pull up.

The great thing about pull up bars is that even doing a few a day is slowly going to build up your muscles over time and you won’t have to go for a shower after you are done doing them; they can simply be a part of your regular day and be completed no matter what type of clothing or outfit you have on.

Although the wall mounted pull up bar may make some holes in your wall if you decide to remove it; walls can be repainted and the pull up bar shouldn’t cause you any issues while it is attached. If your hands are especially sensitive to certain materials or grips, it is important to check out specific manufacturer specifications on the product or contact the manufacturer directly.

If you are worried that the product isn’t of a good quality it is always a good idea to ask questions on review pages and hear back from actual owners of the product. Occasionally you may find asking questions on a review page will get you more direct answers from the manufacturer as well. It is always important to do your research and figure out which product is best for your own situation as you are the only one who can decide that.