Doorway Pull Up Bars

A doorway pull up bar is a great way to get fit by doing a wide variety of pull ups and chin-ups. The best thing about a doorway pull up bar is that it is also super easy to access and can be moved as needed.

As long as you don’t have super short doorways your pull up bar won’t be in the way of your daily activities and you will hardly notice it is even there, except for when you go to use it. You really cannot get a more user friendly piece of equipment as the majority of pull up bars require zero to nil work to setup and take down if you want to move the unit someplace else.

One awesome feature of a doorway pull up bar is that they are generally the least expensive type of pull up bar on the market and you can still find ones that are capable of holding a person who weighs anywhere from 250-300 pounds. Very impressive for something hanging off of your trim below the top of your doorway.

What is a doorway pull up bar?

A doorway pull up bar is basically a bar that hangs up above your doorway and uses the trim and wall to hold the bar below and in place so that you can use the bar to exercise with. Some pull up bars are simply one bar with a couple of grips on it; while others have multiple bars and a variety of gripping options available.

Most bars are held into place by the mechanics of the bar that push the weight so that it ends up dispersing out to both sides of the wall making the bar stay securely in its place. Most users recommend placing some kind of a pad on the wall so that the pressure disperses out more and doesn’t cause damage to your drywall or leave behind any scuffs or marks on your paint or trim.

Doorway pull up bars do come in both indoor and outdoor models and the grips as well as the type of metal generally change depending on what type of use the pull up bar is recommended for.

Why do you need a doorway pull up bar?

A doorway pull up bar is one of the most convenient home based pieces of equipment available. You can find doorway pull up bars that are all shapes and sizes capable of fitting a huge range of doors.

A doorway pull up bar is not a piece of gym equipment that you constantly have to replace and could actually outlast your doorway and trim itself depending on what kind of a substance was used during the building process.

Doing chin-ups and pull ups is a great way to build up your arm strength and it is as simple as lifting up your own weight on a regular basis to get that process rolling. By having a doorway pull up bar and giving yourself goals like: doing 5 pull ups every time you walk through that doorway can take almost no time up in your day and you will start to see results quite fast.

How to choose a doorway pull up bar?

When you go to choose your own doorway pull up bar, the most crucial first step is to measure your doorway as well as the area on the left and right sides of the door. Some pull up bars extend out to both sides of the door by multiple inches and it would be a shame to buy the pull up bar only to realize  it scratches your trim, walls, precious photos or any other personal or household items.

Another important thing you should take note of is the quality of the material that the grips are made up of as well as what kind of metal the bar is made up of so that you can get one for indoor or outdoor use depending on what you need.

Once you know what kind of material you want your bar to be made out of and you know how large it needs to be, make sure you don’t just buy the first pull up bar you see. Always check out competing bars that fit your specifications because some bars offer features that you won’t find on other ones as well as some may offer longer warranties and they may even be a different price.

To conclude:

 A doorway pull up bar is extremely budget friendly and it is very difficult to find such a useful piece of gym equipment for such a low price tag. You likely won’t even need to set much of budget up for buying one of these units as some of them cost less than a tank of gas.

Make sure you take proper measurements and have a look at some of the online reviews that previous customers posted about the product. This is a great teller of what kinds of problems you may run into and can often give you solutions to those exact problems so that you don’t run into them yourself.

If a simple pull up bar is all you are looking to buy, a wall pull up bar is probably the easiest to install and the cheapest option that is available. However, just be careful when using this pull up bar because if you lift the bar upwards it will pop out of the doorway and could potentially fall down on top of you.

When using a doorway pull up bar it is important to take your time and lift yourself up onto it rather than jump or run into grabbing the bar because otherwise it could fall off and you could end up with a serious injury.

All safety issues aside, a doorway pull up bar can be placed on literally any doorway in your house and unlike a free standing pull up bar you aren’t going to lose any floor space to more of your gym equipment or put any holes or scratches in your floors and walls as long as you mount things properly and are careful.