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For those that work out at home, they commonly perform all the exercises such as bench presses, bicep curls, tricep extensions, sit-ups, and other upper body exercises. But one muscle group that is commonly over-looked for the home exerciser is the back. To have a complete balance of muscle groups, back exercises must be incorporated.

​The challenge is they are difficult to add due to mounting issue’s and space constraints. It is our goal to provide you all the information needed to buy and use a pull up bar at home, regardless of your space needs or if you’re a renter.

Not only are pull up bars easy to setup, but they also don’t wear out and break. Some pull up bars come with a lifetime warranty on them due to the fact they are largely made up of steel and basically nothing can go on them.

Selecting a Pull Up Bar

Considering a pull-up bar for your home requires a couple of key things to be considered.

  • Product Size: how big is the bar or bar system? Does it require a wall, a door frame, or alot of floor space?
  • Ease of Installation: How easy is it to assemble and install? Do you need tools like a drill to install it?
  • Where Can The Bar Be Mounted: Does a particular bar require specific mounting options?
  • Weight Limitations: Not all bars can support all body weights. Pay attention to the limitations of the bar you select.

The only thing that can possible wear out on your pull up bar is the grips and generally even the grips are going to last you for a very long period of time. It doesn’t matter if you are new to doing pull ups or whether you have a ton of experience and workout a lot.

A pull up bar is a great way to slowly start building up your arm muscles without having to worry as much about hurting yourself due to the fact you are only lifting your own weight and you can always use assisting straps or get someone to help you when you are first starting out.

There are a couple of important things to take under consideration when buying yourself a pull up bar. You may want to check and see how many gripping options the bar has available as these can offer you more exercise opportunities.

Types Of Pull-Up Bars

There are mainly 4 types of pull-up bars for the home. 

  1. Wall Mount: These pull-up bars typically are installed above a door frame with screws driven into studs. They are extremely strong and versatile, and commonly support body weights up to 300lbs. Because you have to drill into walls, this type of bar may not be an option for renters.
  2. Door Frame Mount: These type of bars fit between door frames. They use pressure to keep the bar mounted rather than screws. They’re great for renters as they don’t require any drilling and they often support weights up to 220lbs.
  3. Free Standing: If you have the floor space, these types of pull up bars are completely free standing. They also require vertical space as well, as they go 6 – 7 feet high. High quality ones are very heavy and durable, and you can find some of the same models in many gyms. These are some of the strongest pull-up bars are there that support some of the greatest body weights.
  4. Ceiling Mount: These are a great option if  you have access to the ceiling joists, like in many garages. They are sturdy and allow for many types of movements for pull-up movements. It is required to allow drilling, so renters may not be able to use this kind of bar.

Make sure that you measure out your doorway and check to see that the bar you are purchasing doesn’t require clearance on either side of the doorway, or that you have enough clearance for the bar to fit properly. It is also a great idea to see if the company offers warranty on the product because a pull up bar shouldn’t be something that snaps on you.

Make sure you take time to think about the type of workouts you are actually interested in doing before you decide whether to just get a plain pull up bar or something a little more complex that offers a variety of other weightlifting or body weight exercise options.

Hopefully after going through some of the varieties of pull up bars on the market you now have a better grasp of the different features and the kind of bar you are looking for. Buying a bar is a great way to get into better physical shape, it is important to do your research and find a good quality bar that isn’t going to snap on you.

You also want to make sure that the bar can be setup to the location that you need it and that you will be able to do the exercises that you want to do on it because it has a variety of grip locations on it. When in doubt it is always a good idea to check out company warranty and return policies in case you don’t end up satisfied with your purchase it is great to have that as a backup.

Pull up bars are quite inexpensive so you will not need to set a super large budget aside in order to pick one up; just make sure that you are buying from a reputable seller so that you don’t get scammed and end up losing money on a faulty product, or receiving no product at all for your money.

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