Free Standing Pull Up Bars

If you are looking to get yourself into better shape; buying yourself a free standing pull up bar could be a step in the right direction. Having a free standing pull up bar directly in your own house allows for easy access so that you can exercise whenever you want and wear whatever you want during your workout as well.

It doesn’t matter if you are experienced or inexperienced; doing pull ups and a variety of other body weight exercises doesn’t require a huge learning curve. If you are brand new to doing body weight exercises you may want to consider some kind of an assisting strap until you get strong enough to easily move your own body weight around.

A pull up bar is a pretty simple piece of equipment but it really doesn’t take much to start building muscle and gaining more strength. A free standing pull up bar can be produced from a variety of different metals and the bar is normally deemed as an indoor or outdoor bar depending on the materials that were used in the manufacturing process.

Generally free standing pull up bars aren’t so heavy that you can’t move them around the room either so they have that benefit over a lot of gym equipment on the market. Another great thing about free standing pull up bars is that they can often be combined with other gym equipment like weights and rings to add a spin to a traditional body weight exercise and an extra challenge.

What is a free standing pull up bar?

A free standing pull up bar is basically a structure that sits on the ground and has a bar attached to it fairly high off of the ground so that a person can do pull ups, chin-ups and a variety of other exercises off of it.

Free standing pull up bars can be located both inside as well as outside. Generally indoor units will have some sort of rubberized or soft material on the bottom so that the floor doesn’t get scratched as badly while the unit is in use.

Outdoor models of the free standing pull up bar will generally be coated with paint as well as made of aluminum so that they hold up better in the weather and are less prone to rust than some indoor steel ones.

Free standing pull up bars are often combined with a squat stand that you can use for a variety of weight lifting exercises such as bench press, squats etc. Generally if a free standing pull up bar is combined with a squat stand you can be pretty sure that the unit will be pretty sturdy because it has to be able to hold up the weight on either side of the unit, should you be using it for weight lifting.

If the unit has a squat stand built in you can also bet that it has adjustable levels on the bar holder so that you can do things like squats and bench press from a comfortable level depending on your height.

Why do you need a free standing pull up bar?

Having your own free standing pull up bar allows you to do a workout at home without having to spend money on a gym membership and gas to get to your local gym. A free standing pull up bar really doesn’t take up a lot of room, you can even shove it into a corner somewhere and you will still have full use of the bar and plenty of room to complete all of your exercises.

When you use a free standing pull up bar you can have peace of mind by knowing that you aren’t causing damage to your walls, trim or doorway like you might be when using a different kind of pull up bar. Having your own free standing pull up bar can be a great way to show off your strength and can even bring along some fun friendly competition from friends and family that are visiting.

How to choose free standing pull up bar?

It can be quite difficult to choose a free standing pull up bar and you may want a fairly complex bar with a variety of gripping locations if you want to be able to perform a wide variety of exercises on the unit you are buying. Make sure you are buying from a manufacturer that is both trustworthy and builds units that are made up of high quality material.

It is always a good idea to check the weight limit on the unit as this will give you an idea of how structurally sound the unit is. When you are buying a unit another good way to check for quality is to see if the product carries any kind of warranty on it.

Generally when a product carries a manufacturer’s warranty this gives you a good idea about the quality of the unit because the manufacturer wouldn’t give you the warranty if they thought that customers would have to use it. When customers use the manufacturer’s warranty the manufacturer loses money, obviously the manufacturer isn’t expecting that to be the case if they include a warranty on the product.

To conclude:

Buying yourself a free standing pull up bar is a great investment into your personal physical fitness. Having your own bar makes working out easy to access and you don’t have to worry about comparing yourself to other people like you might do at a gym.

Being able to do body weight exercises not only allows you to exercise in bad weather and power outages, but it also allows you to be on a lot lower of a budget because buying free weights or plates can be quite expensive even when purchasing them used.

Not only will this bar save you money, but it is very unlikely that you will have to replace the bar unless you wear out the grips on it. You can even find new grips online to fit the width of the bar if that is what you desire.