Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar Review

Pull ups are a core workout move for anyone who is serious about strength training. If you have a gym membership you can easily use the equipment there, but if you would prefer to work out from home, pull ups can be an awkward exercise to recreate.

A simple solution is to buy a pull up bar—but which one is right for you? After recently trying the Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar it’s easy to see that there is now a solution that would easily work for almost everyone.

Features Of The Pull Up Bar

  • It is easy to install—once assembled, it simply hooks onto a door frame. It takes mere seconds to get started, and can easily be moved to different rooms with no residual damage to the doorway
  • It will fit most residential doorframe sizes—anywhere between 24” and 32”, and the doorway trim can be up to 3.5” wide

Because of its compact design it is easy to pack away and keep out of sight while not in use. Slide it into a closet, under a bed or away in the garage

  • It can take a weight of up to 300lbs., so almost anyone is able to use it
  • Despite the name, it can be used for more than just pull ups—with the Iron Gym Workout Bar you can also do chin ups, pushups, crunches, dips and other exercises
  • With the ability to change grip positions, you can alter the muscles used for a more complete workout


  • The Iron Gym Workout Bar proved to be a great way to ensure a home gym workout that was easy to complete and worked up quite a sweat!
  • Putting the workout bar together was quick and easy. It only takes about ten minutes
  • It does not need to be permanently installed—simply hook onto any door frame and you can begin your workout in seconds. Taking it down is just as simple, and it is easily hidden away in a closet. Perfect for when you don’t have much time but want to keep up your healthy habits
  • We were surprised about how lightweight the equipment was, but as soon as we tried one pull up we could see how strong it was. There was no fear that the bar would fall during the workout
  • The range of exercises that can be completed is impressive. Of course, its main design is for a pull up bar, but while it is in the doorframe, it can be used for chin ups as well. Then, take it down to the floor and it will assist with ab crunches, triceps dips and even pushups. It can be hard to get form right with these exercises, but this workout bar makes it very easy and safe
  • When you consider everything it can do and the strength of the frame, the price is fantastic. We would expect to pay more than double the amount for such flexible and effective piece of workout equipment


  • It is wise to do a slower and more gentle pull up when testing the door frame of your choice to ensure that the device is secure
  • Some users reported seeing black mark on their doorframes after use; however, it was easy to remove with a simple wipe of a cloth with some cleaning spray


The Iron Gym Workout Bar is a powerful piece of exercise equipment that will help to give you an intense and effective upper body workout. For the price it really is an unbeatable offer and it is now one of the best investments to have made in a home gym.

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