Pull Up Tips for Beginners

Pull ups are highly versatile exercises that help to develop muscularity and strength. However, pull ups can be quite hard, particularly if you are just starting out. Here are a few easy pull up tips for beginners to help you see why you are yet to master this simple, yet effective workout.

Lose Weight

In general, the people who have lots of difficult with performing body weight exercises like chin ups are much heavier and have not developed any physical preparedness before working out.

Losing a bit of fat will definitely make a huge difference in improving your ability to perform pull ups. So, the first step is to run an honest self-evaluation and then tackle one specific problem at a time.

There are several weight loss strategies that you can implement, including first getting your diet in order. Ensure you are eating healthily and then work to cut off some weight by doing some resistance training and aerobics as well.

All these activities will build up your strength and help you shed some weight, all of which will help you perform pull ups effortlessly.

Limited Grip Strength

If you are coming from a largely sedentary background and you do not perform lots of daily activities, then it is likely that your grip is not sufficient. When you have limited grip strength, there is only a low probability that you will be able to perform pull ups.

The best way of improving your overall grip strength is performing workouts that consist of static hand contractions. This includes exercises like hanging from the chin-up bar for some time, carrying heavy dumbbells while walking or using grip trainers.

Remember that grip training takes time and so you should build up your endurance slowly by starting off with light weights.

Improve your Back Strength

Even though doing a pull up is an effective method of developing back strength, it is not the best place to start building muscle.

If you are limited to a couple of ugly reps at the pull up bar before you are fully gassed out, then you should consider adding a few pulling movements in your back exercises. In effect, your back will get stronger every week and you will slowly find that pull ups are much easier to perform.

Some of the suggested ways of improving your back strength include doing exercises like the pull-up negative. Here, you simply lower your body down from the pull up bar in a slow, controlled manner until your hands are extended fully.

The other effective exercise is the one handed dumbbell rows as it offers wider motion range. While leaning on your workout bent and holding a dumbbell in your hand, explosively pull your hand back and repeat for the other hand as well.

Improve your Form

Just like other exercises or movements, there is a proper way of doing pull-ups. It is not just a matter of grabbing the chin up bar at the gym or at home and then starting to pull yourself randomly. Here are a few pull up tips to help you maximize your leverage as well as ensure the best form:

  • Use a moderate and comfortable shoulder-width grip
  • Lift your chin up and always keep your face up
  • Lean back to initiate the pull and always pull towards your chest, not the neck or chin

Always Stay Tight

Many people are unable to maintain a steady body position when doing the pull up and instead flop around. This is basically a significant energy leak and it means that you are not using your whole body to do the pulling work; rather you are depending on the specific muscles that do the job, usually the rotator cuff. That is quite bad as it places a lot of strain on your hands and shoulders.

Your whole body should be tight when you are doing pull ups. This includes locking your legs, packing your neck, taking a huge breath, tucking your chin and also squeezing your core as you pull upwards to the bar using a solid grip on the handles. Never loosen up till you have completed the set. If it feels very uncomfortable and stiff then you are doing it right.

Avoid Relying on Assisted Pull Ups

Using the handy assisted pull up device in your gym may actually be stopping you from experiencing any real gains. This is because it does not provide you the complete workout of a normal pull up and it also promotes the wrong form.

Remember that your entire body must always stay tight when performing pull ups, and assistance removes the core and legs from the workout almost completely.

With a very loose core due to the assistance, it becomes hard to efficiently work your back muscles. In effect, your pull ups end up involving less back engagement, thus developing improper body mechanics.

While using an assisted pull up unit is great for developing the proper form, make sure you move on quickly and avoid relying on them excessively.


Regardless of your current starting point and whether you are a girl or a guy, remember that you can and will do pull ups eventually.

You simply need to follow the right strength building path that suits your schedule and experience. There is no shame at all in progressing safely and gradually on the road to one day doing lots of reps without any difficulty.

Pull ups require lots of repetition in order to build strength and get great benefits. Ensure that you have the right form first since it is much harder to unlearn a bad workout form. An easy way to practice your pull ups is investing in a doorway pull up bar in your home.

You can knock out at least 5 explosive reps each time you go through that doorway and slowly build consistency and strength. Using these pull up tips, you will be able to perfect your form and avoid strains and injuries.

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