ProsourceFit Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar Review

The chin up or pull up is rightly considered as the best upper body workout. It is a simple and highly effective workout that you can use to exercise your chest, back, shoulders and arms as well as for firming up your abdominal region.

You only need a reliable pull up bar and then you can do this effective workout anywhere to ignite several muscle groups and increase your fitness levels. The ideal choice for anyone interested in improving their upper body at home is ProsourceFit Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar.

This ProSource Pull-Up Bar is a great addition to any home gym as it has a sizeable weight capacity that supports 300 pounds thanks to its high quality steel.

It has innovative pads designed to save your door frame from getting worn out from the numerous great workouts. With its multi grip feature and ease of use, you will be able to target various muscle groups using this pull-up bar.

Besides all the great features you would expect to get in a high quality doorway trainer, this ProSource bar also offers the extra wide grip capabilities that is not found in similar trainers.

The unit also comes with some easy to understand instructions, enabling the device to be quickly assembled in a short time. Learn more about this effective trainer here below.


  • Supports 12 grips and handles to perform various exercises
  • Straightforward assembly guide and easy installation process
  • Portable and fits most doorways
  • Made of heavy duty steel
  • Supports 300 pounds
  • Dimensions: 44 x 10.5 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 9.8 pounds


  • Comfortable grips help to reduce hand fatigue
  • Multiple exercise variations ensure a more comprehensive workout
  • Ample support for most people with its 300 lbs. capacity
  • Highly convenient and portable since it does not damage your door frames with screws
  • Installation is relatively easy and you can begin your workout within minutes after getting this unit
  • It detaches easily from the doorframe and can be safely stored away from sight


  • Just like similar pull up bars, there is a risk of leaving a few scuffs on your door
  • Since it is meant for standard size doorways, you should confirm the size before buying


Investing in a convenient home gym is a great decision that will help you build the right foundation for having a healthy body.

There are so many benefits of working out at home, including privacy, freedom and significant cost savings. One particular equipment that is a must have for any home gym today is a reliable pull up bar for targeting the upper body area.

The ProSource Pull-Up or Chin-Up bar is a solidly built product with a very small footprint. This means it takes up less space on your doorway and is easy to store away when not in use.

It is a highly durable product thanks to the high quality steel used as well as the limited lifetime warranty provided. If you take your fitness seriously, then this unit is a smart investment.

The unit attaches firmly to any solid wall with easy to follow assembly instructions. It is permanently fixed to the frame.

Any exercise equipment that you invest in for your home gym should be able to offer you a wide range or workout options.

In this regard, the ProSource Pull-Bar excels as its multi-grip feature allows you to perform a wide range of variations for an intensive workout. Using this unit, you could do wide-grip chin ups, shoulder-width chin ups, close-grip chin ups and various hammer grip variations.

The ability to exercise the upper body area from various angles means you can emphasize and target the specific muscles you are looking to improve. This includes doing exercises like core-targeting crunches and leg raises.

The multifunctional grips also come in handy for floor push-ups and triceps dips. However, the range of movement when doing dips using this device is a bit limited.


A similar looking competitor worth mentioning is the Iron Gym Extreme Edition pull up bar. It is quite popular among consumers due the minimal space it takes up on doors and also the varied pull up positions it offers.

It is also light enough and portable to store away or move with little effort. The overall sturdy build quality means that it will always hold your weight without shaking around.

The main disadvantage of this Iron Gym Extreme Edition pull up bar is that while it comes with an assembly tool, the process of putting it together is very frustrating. The setup instructions are almost nonexistent since all you get are some photos.

In contrast, the ProSource Pull up Bar has detailed setup instructions that allow you to quickly install it on your doorway within a few minutes. There is simply no justification of having to pay a higher price for the Iron Gym pull up bar.


In conclusion, the main beneficial feature of using this ProsourceFit Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar is its varied grip choices. This makes it especially perfect for everyone who wants more variety in their pull up works and also those who are keener on getting a much fitter upper body. Adding this pull up or chin up bar to your home gym is therefore highly recommended.

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