Pull Up Bar System

Do you want to start training your upper body muscles? Then what better option to choose than working out with a pull up bar system. Doing pull ups will work many categories of your muscles and you will see the results in no time. This will help with your back muscles, your shoulder muscles and of course, with your biceps and triceps.

Depending on what pull up bar system you have, you can work on other muscles categories and come out with a routine that will work your entire body.

Truth being told, not many people are able to do one single pull up. The key to starting doing correctly this type of exercise is to start practicing. We are born to learn out new things and to experiment. Some people might take longer, others might do it on their first try.

No matter what, it is important to start with little steps and make your body accept that you want to do pull ups. It is recommended to never give up, even if you do not succeed from the first try. You need to find your own motivation and to work until you are satisfied with the result.

Uses & benefits

Pull up bar systems are considered to be a great tool for doing pull ups and other exercises for your chest, arms, shoulders and back muscles. With only the help of your own weight, you will be able to benefit from challenges workouts every day. This method is good for cardio and strength exercising.

The thing is that when you will pull your own body weight, the muscles will start building up and the rate of your heart will also increase (will leave you with cardiovascular and strength benefit). You will be able to burn a lot of calories with pull ups and at the same time to slim and tighten.

Another bonus is that you will have your posture improved because you are working the muscles from the back and shoulders and this is what will make your posture straight and tall. When it comes to safety, most of the time when you want to build muscles, you have to lift heavy stuff and you might get hurt.

Pull ups are better because you are working with your own body weight and this will reduce the risk of you hurting yourself because of overdoing the weights and sometimes pulling muscles.

Another benefit is that pull up bar systems are helpful for you whereas they optimize the potential of your workout. This means that the bars are designed to fit almost anywhere you place them around the house so that you can workout wherever you want to. All of these are made for you so that you will never have what excuses to bring up and start working out.

Different types of pull up bar systems

Out on the market exist many bar systems and you should choose the best one according to your home, where you want to use it and in what manner you want to make use out of it. The doorway bar systems are the ones that you attach to the frame of the door. This type of bar is safe to use on the door because it will not damage it.

A bonus to this specific type is that is will not require any brackets and this will allow you to remove it anytime and move it to another door frame with ease. This one also has most of the time more hand grips that will allow you to try different positions and exercises.

Another type of pull up bar is the extended doorway one. This specific type of system is represented by a bar that is able to extend as much as the doorway so that it fits in it. It is secured with some rubber grips that will make sure that there is not present any slipping.

Another feature for the extended doorway pull up bar is that it has brackets that it holds the system in one place. It also less expensive that other types and it is easy to get it installed, but it will make you limit your workout to simple pull and chin ups.

The pull up bar that is mounted on a wall is interesting to use because it is made to be secured to a wall or a ceiling. This is the reason why this type of bar system will provide the most stable and also the sturdiest environment to workout.

The downside to this is that once you fix it onto the wall, you have to screw it and it can not be moved from that place. If you weigh more, then this is a good option for you because of the strong base.

Safety tips

Working out with a pull up bar system is not always safe. You should always talk to your physician if you have problems and you are not sure that the exercise program that you came up with will be right for your body’s health. It is also essential that before you start to exercise and force your muscles to an intense workout, to warm up and loosen them so that you will not get injured.

Always start with a slow pace and repeat step by step the exercise until you feel that you are accustomed to the effort. On the other hand, always choose a bar system that will hold the weight of your body and that is safely placed or secured.


When you are interested in doing this type of exercise, make sure to choose the pull up bar system that will fit the best your needs and that will make your workout a safe one.

Investing in a pull up bar system, if you are passionate about working on the muscles on your upper body is essential because you will be able to train at home and never skip a training session because of different excuses.

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