WorkHorse Fitness Portable Pull-up & Push-up Bar Review

Are you an active person and right now you looking for your own bar system? Then this might catch your interest. If you are interested in doing pull ups and pushups, this bar system is designed in a manner that will offer you the possibility to perform both exercises.

The thing about doing this specific types of exercises is that not everyone can do it from the beginning. The secret is to slowly but surely train with easier exercises the categories of muscles that the pull ups work (back muscles, triceps, biceps and more).

If you are not able to do pull ups or pushups at the moment, do not worry because you will do them in no time, you only have to practice and truly wish for this to happen. When you are working out try to never find excuses like “I can’t do that” because this does not exist. You can do whatever you have in your mind when you have the will for it.

This applies to the hard exercises that for some people are pull ups and pushups. It is recommended to get a bar system for yourself and do not stop until you can do it. But what bar system is appropriate you might wonder. The answer is a portable one, like the bar from My WorkHorse Fitness Trainer is. More about this product you will find down below.


  • This bar system is designed to let you train at home when you do not have enough time to go to the gym
  • Portable system bar will allow you to easily transport it from a place to another or even to travel with
  • You can do two types of exercises with this bar, so it is versatile
  • The bar will hit your back muscles, biceps, forearms, chest, shoulders and triceps, so your upper body can be trained with only this bar system
  • The bar is made out of a lightweight steel material
  • It is capable and strong enough to hold up someone who has up to 300 pounds and 6feet 4 inches tall
  • You do not need any bolts, screwdrivers or other tools to assemble it
  • The folding system allows you to easily store the bar away after you finished your workout
  • Allows you to get a workout done in 5 minutes at your home
  • The price that the bar comes with is not so friendly for everyone, but it is a good investment if you want to work out your upper body’s muscles
  • The bar comes in a white color
  • It has grips on the places where you are supposed to put your hands so that the grip is secured and you will not slip and hurt yourself
  • With its pounds, the bar system is easy to carry around from one place to another and the folding does not require any special methods


  • Versatile item, you can do more exercises with it
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Easy to store in your home
  • It is portable, a great feature for traveling or for moving from places
  • It comes with handgrips
  • You get your workout done in only 5 minutes and work your upper body
  • You can do pull ups and work your back, your biceps, and forearms
  • You can do push-ups and work your chest, shoulders, and triceps
  • Hold a person who has up to 300 pounds and is 6 feet 4 inches tall
  • You do not need other bolts, screwdrivers, or equipments to assemble it
  • It is a great alternative if you cannot do regular pull ups or push ups


  • The price might not be the friendliest for everyone’s budgets
  • The bar can make you “lazy” and only workout with it, but keep in mind that this is not enough


The great thing about this pull up and push up bar system from My WorkHorse Fitness Trainer is that it is portable and this means that you can move it around easily and transport it anywhere you want to.

You will also appreciate the installment process of it because it does not require any extra bolts, screwdrivers or other tools, you only have to unfold it and fold it back when you are done with the exercise. It is also easy to store the bar system, you can place it under your bed, in your closet, behind the couch or even in the storage closet.

It is really convenient to have an item like this at home. With it, you can train your muscles slowly until you can do regular pushups or pull ups. It is important not give up if it does not work for you from the first tries.

If you try and give the best in you, you will succeed, no matter what, but with patience and time because even God took more days to create the world. The bar system will we able to support your body if you have less than 300 pounds and less than 6 feet 4 inches tall.

Possible alternatives

If this product caught your interest, then this one might do it, too. You can get to build the body of your dreams with the URBNFit Pull Up Bar. With only three steps and a strong will, you can get to it, just purchase the pull bar, slip it into the doorway and start practicing, without the hassle of a complex installation and any other extra tools.


All in one, taking into consideration all of the above mentioned, WorkHorse Fitness Portable Pull-up & Push-up Bar is a great choice if you are looking for a bar system that is portable and easy to store away. The pros are more than the cons and if you do not mind the value of the price, then do not wait anymore and do not look for excuses to start exercising.

Always remember that you are working out for your body, for your health and nobody else will do it for you, so do not wait anymore!

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