AeroPilates by Stamina Pull-Up Bar Review

Are you hoping to improve your health, to get to your ideal weight and to strengthen your muscles? You can try this interesting machine, AeroPilates by Stamina Pull-Up Bar. You will get to emphasize on your flexibility and on your breathing, but the most important things for you probably are the strengthening of the muscles and having pen ensemble an intense exercise.

There exist different versions of AeroPilates, but they all work on the same idea. This machine is supposed to use pilates exercises with the back and forth movement at the same time, so it is supposed to be a more complicated workout.

When you are working out on this machine, you have so many opportunities of discovering new exercises and working out new muscles categories. All in one, you can probably work your whole body with it. It is important to find your motivation, something that will keep you going and to never give up.

The hard part is to start working out, but if you put your mind to it, your journey will be a pleasant one. No matter how long it will take you to get into shape or to learn to do different types of exercises (because it is true that not all of us can do pull ups for example) it is crucial to have will to continue. With this bar system from Stamina, you will be able to do great things.


  • This product comes with the following dimensions: 31 x 4 x 2 inches
  • It weighs about 5 pounds, which makes it really easy to handle with and to move around
  • It is easy to store if you fold the elements that it comes with
  • The bar system is designed to fit from three to five cord AeroPilates reformers, but it does not fit two reformers, and more exactly, it does not fit the 55-5556 and the 55-5557 reformers
  • You can add with this bar system a more intense exercise and work the upper body more than with the usual reformer routine that you have
  • It will attach and detach with simple maneuvers, which will make things easier for you when you assemble the full system
  • The frame is really sturdy and it is made from a strong steel and this will ensure your safety
  • The bar system has padded grips that will prohibit unnecessarily slipping
  • The whole attachment will fit AeroPilates reformers that have pulley risers
  • With this bar system, you can work on your back muscles, shoulders, biceps and of course, triceps
  • If you want to use the pull up bar, you have to simply loosen the knobs that are locking the system, then remove the pulley risers, make sure to insert correctly the bar that you are going to use for the pull ups and after this you only have to tighten back to normal the locking knobs
  • For a more difficult exercise, you can use extra cords and take things to a different level
  • The whole set offers a sturdy and smooth experience for when you are working out


  • It is easy so assemble
  • You only need simple maneuvers to attach and detach elements
  • You can choose the workout level and add cords to harden your work
  • You can add up to five cords
  • Works different categories of muscles, such as the back ones, shoulders, biceps and triceps
  • Fits AeroPilates reformers that come with pulley risers
  • The bar system will offer you less slipping because is has padded grips
  • The machine is made from a sturdy steel
  • It is light in weight and it has normal dimensions
  • Gives you the opportunity do work on many different exercises
  • Easy to store and to move around the house
  • For a machine with so many features, the price is also acceptable and will work for most budgets


  • The bar system does not fit the 55-5556 and the 55-5557 reformers
  • You might have to remove the pads or add the pads, depending on your height for a better workout


This machine from Stamina is supposed to help you with your AeroPilates. You can purchase a pull up bar system like this and take exercising to another level. You can try to experiment new and different exercises and even work more muscles categories.

This machine will help you to work your back muscles, you shoulder muscles and of course, the biceps and the triceps. Depending on how versatile your work is, you can probably work your whole body with it.

If you want to harden your workout routine, the machine is designed to fit three, four or five cord AeroPilates reformers, but keep in mind that it does not fit the 55-5556 and the 55-5557 reformers.

When it comes to safety, this bar system is really safe because it is sturdy and it is made from a strong steel and it has included padded grips, that will prevent slipping when it is the case. With its weight and dimensions, it is easy to say that you will have no trouble when it comes to moving the machine around.

The interesting about it is that it does not require many maneuvers and the ones that are required are a few steps that are simple to follow by anyone interested.

Possible alternatives

Supreme Toning Tower w/ Pilates + Barre is also known for pilates and barre workouts, it is made from a high-quality steel frame and it comes with a wood barre.

Although it is sturdy, it is light-weight and will make things easier for assembling and storing. The bonus surprise is that you will receive 2 DVDs that show you how to do different types of exercises and will motivate you to keep on going.


Taking into consideration all of the above mentioned and analyzing the pros and the cons, this machine is good for you only if you do not want to fit the 55-5556 and the 55-5557 reformers. Other than this, the AeroPilates by Stamina Pull-Up Bar will make good friends with you and will help you improve your workouts.

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