IRON AGE Doorway Pull Up Bar Review

There are plenty of options for home equipment that you can buy online, but how do you know what is actually going to work, and what will be a waste of your money? Here we want to review the IRON AGE Doorway Pull Up Bar — a popular pull-up bar that can assist you with your upper body strength training from the comfort of your home. Is it a worthwhile purchase?

Features Of The Pull Up Bar

The IRON AGE Doorway Pull Up Bar is a sturdy workout bar that simply hooks onto a standard doorframe and allows you to complete a range of exercises that you otherwise would have to go a gym for.

  • Its construction is strong and has the ability to support a weight up to 250lbs
  • Assembly is simple and all the instructions are provided
  • Cannot just help you to perform pull ups with perfect form—it can also be used for other exercises like chin ups, sit ups, pushups and triceps dips
  • There are multiple grip positions for each workout move that will help to reach different muscle groups
  • Foam padding across the bars has been designed to maximize the comfort of the workout—no more sore hands from exposed steel bars!


  • The IRON AGE Doorway Pull Up Bar felt very secure. During our workouts, we never felt that we would fall or that the bars were going to break
  • The different grip options not only helped to isolate a wider variety of moves than a standard pull up, but it was easier to find a comfortable position that worked for our varying heights and shoulder widths
  • The padding was great and our hands were really comfortable the whole time. What was also great was that the padding was non-slip, so as we got sweatier during our workouts, we still felt secure
  • The workout bar weighs 8lbs due to its steel chrome bars, which was great as it felt strong and durable
  • Assembling the pull up bar was very easy; all the necessary tools were supplied in the box, along with clear instructions. Overall it took about ten minutes to put together


  • This model has a more simplified set of features than others that are on the market— but while this is a con, it can be a positive as well. If you know that you are going to keep to the main exercises and keep your workout streamlined, then it can be a waste of money to have all the extras. For instance, we have seen other models that have 10 more grip positions, but rotating through the 5 grips on the IRON AGE Doorway Pull Up Bar was enough to really work all our muscles
  • It doesn’t fold up at all, and once it is screwed together it would be quite difficult to disassemble. This isn’t too much of a problem if you didn’t mind keeping it in a closet, but storage is a consideration
  • The size of your doorframes must be taken into consideration before purchasing. It is not just the width of the frame or how deep the trim is above the door, but the width of the full door trim as well—the device hooks all the way around from one side to the other. Make sure the width of the molding at the top of the door isn’t more than 7” thick
  • When using the bar for triceps dips, you can’t get a full range of motion that you could get when using a chair or workout bench. It still worked the muscles though, just not as much


The IRON AGE Doorway Pull Up Bar is a solid piece of workout equipment that, if used consistently, will bring great results to your strength and appearance. It can be used for a variety of exercises, and with the multi-grip design, you can really get a solid overall upper body strength training workout.

We also liked that it was fast to put together and easy to install. It is definitely a worthwhile investment and will last you a long time.

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