Olymp Master Iron Gym Pull-up Bar Review

Pull-up exercises are a good way to train your upper body, gain muscle and burn fat. It can be done using a pull-up or a chin-up bar. The pull-up bar is sold in most fitness equipment stores, and it can also be found in the gym.

There are lots of exercises that you can do on the bar. In fact, the equipment can back up your weight as soon as you grasp the bar and make an effort to pull yourself up.

Performing several pull-ups, chin-ups, and leg-ups each day are enough for an effective strengthening exercise regimen.

Pull-ups will highlight your abs, shoulders, the back, and your arms significantly. If you make use of correct techniques, you can pull off complete sets.

If you are still learning how to finish a set, it is just one more benefit you will gain by entering the world of fitness.

As you will notice, there are plenty of available pull-up bars sold today that it can be a bit overwhelming choosing one. To begin your hunt for a good bar, we have here a review of [easyazon_link identifier=”B01A2KMMNU” locale=”US” tag=”pbnja-20″]Olymp Master’s Iron Gym Pull-up Bar[/easyazon_link].


  • Capable of shaping your upper body.
  • Strengthens and shapes the shoulders, back, arms and abdominals.
  • Improves overall health and prevents back and joint pain.
  • Versatile; users can perform different kinds of exercises on it from pull-ups to crunches.
  • Includes an additional pair of hooks which allows users to reposition the bar for varying heights without hassles.
  • The rack can be modified to any door with a width of 24.8 to 39 inches.
  • Requires minimum space and takes up a bit of storage space but won’t hinder movement.
  • Made with high-quality, superior steel material.
  • Can handle up to 330 pounds.
  • Has non-slip foam for ergonomic, comfortable grip.
  • Includes eight screws for secure, safe attachment.
  • Includes a “Tips and Tricks” leaflet for ideal workouts using the bar.


Back in the day, purchasing a pull-up bar can be a challenge. Things have changed today though since the market right now is filled with a wider selection of pull-up bars which cater to every preference.

This is the reason why you have to take some time and look for a pull-up bar with all the important factors in mind.

The Iron Gym Pull-up Bar by Olymp Master is a doorway-type bar, which means it needs permanent installation inside the doorway. Brackets are positioned on either side of the door’s frame, and the bar is then popped into these brackets.

The bar can be dismantled effortlessly and quickly and relocated to other doorways in your home or to another apartment in case you are going to change places. Hence the Iron Gym is an excellent choice for people who rent apartments or houses.

The bar can be positioned at the doorframe’s bottom for managing sit ups too. For beginners, they can make use of the item as some sort of foothold for better leverage.

When the abs are improved, the bar can also be used as an aide to guarantee its user’s correct form. To improve the muscles located in the front section of the shoulders, the pull-up bar can be positioned on the ground and be used as a push-up bar as well.

The bar has narrow grips which allow the inner section of the shoulders to be serviced, and if you use the wide grips, you can work on your pecs (chest muscles) and improve them.

Apart from the muscles, you can also perform some pull-up routines to supplement your usual regimen and target different muscle groups. Included among these exercises are open-arm pull-ups, diagonal pull-ups, parallel grips and a lot more.

The Iron Gym Pull-up Bar has its slew of benefits but what makes a quality pull-up bar then? A good pull-up bar is durable like this Iron Gym model from Olymp Master.

The product is made with top notch, excellent quality steel and most customers who have bought the product can attest to its strength. Its material is capable of handling weight up to 330 pounds.

Many customers agree that the bar is well-constructed and its grips have decent cushioning to make pull-ups more comfortable. Regular and proper use of the item, plus guaranteeing that you have installed the item correctly will assure you an improved upper body, weight loss, acquired strength and a nicer form.

If you do your pull-ups and other pull-up bar-related exercises on it, you can rest assured that back and joint pain will not bother you anymore. Customers also agreed that while doing pull-ups can be a challenge for most individuals in the beginning, the advantages it provides, in the long run, cannot be compared.

As a tip, though, if you want to screw the item on a doorframe made with hardwood, you might have to pre-drill holes on it first, so you will not end up stripping its screws.


One disadvantage of the doorway pull-up bar is that it can leave visible screw holes on the door frame after the brackets are removed. There were also customers who complained that one side of the assembly refused to expand out.


Quality pull-up bars can be a great investment which is why you have to take in important factors when choosing a model then make a decision which kind you want to purchase. You can get references from reviews online, or you can ask other people’s opinions about different brands and models as well.

It’s not about purchasing any pull-up bar because it is essential for you to choose one that will help you achieve your exercise goals. To save you money and effort, putting a bit of research to the task will help you narrow down the best brand for you.

Despite its setbacks, though, the [easyazon_link identifier=”B01A2KMMNU” locale=”US” tag=”pbnja-20″]Olymp Master Iron Gym Pull-Up Bar[/easyazon_link] is something that you can check out in case you need a pull-up bar that you can use at home. If you need a versatile model where you can perform a broad selection of exercises and target a variety of muscle groups, you can try this bar out.

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