Yes4All Wall Mounted Pull Up and Chin Up Bar Review

For those of you with dedicated home gym space or who may be looking for something a bit more robust than a temporary pull-up bar, it’s time to look for a more permanent solution. After recently installing the Yes4All Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar not only have our workouts improved, we could never go back to the over-the-door styles again!

Features Of The Pull Up Bar

  • A streamlined design which was created for maximum comfort as well as workout flexibility
  • Foam grips on the bars which are high density and non-slip
  • Ability to be used for pull ups and chin ups, as well as combined with other equipment such as rings or resistance bands
  • Gym-quality construction with strong metal bars and extensive bracing for strength and safety
  • All hardware is supplied for installation, as well as comprehensive instructions


  • Wow, this bar is strong! The steel construction of the frame is very solid and high quality
  • It can take a weight of up to 250lbs which is more than sufficient for my needs
  • The bar sits 11” away from the wall which meant that we weren’t banging our knees against the wall
  • Wide grips on the bar were really easy thanks to its 39” width. We could adjust the positioning of our hands for pull ups and chin ups with ease and comfort. But the bar can’t just be used horizontally—there are two hand-sized bars that stick out as well for even more options. This isn’t something we’ve seen in other wall-mounted workout bars, and we actually use this feature quite a lot
  • The foam grips really do make using the Fitleader FC3 Pull Up Bar much more comfortable than a bare bar. We found that change alone helped us to complete a couple of extra reps per set
  • While we don’t use rings, a friend brought his over to test with the pull up bar and they worked really well. Another benefit would be to try using bands wrapped around the handle
  • Some other models are a bit plainer, but this looked really cool and we preferred a more fashionable design that didn’t compromise on the quality of exercise
  • Once we found the appropriate place to install the bar, the actual installation was very quick—around 20-30 minutes at most. You will need to find somewhere with 24” spacing between studs which shouldn’t be too difficult in the average home
  • When you consider all of these advantages, especially the quality of construction and the variety of exercises, it’s very good value for your money. We’ve seen other mounted pull-up bars that cost much more, and don’t offer all of these features


  • For the installation, you will need access to a drill to ensure it is tight to the wall, and a stud finder is recommended as well
  • Unlike some other types of mounted pull up bars, this one can’t be attached to the ceiling—it must be securely fastened to a wall
  • The weight recommendation of 250lbs will be fine for most, but if you have a larger build or use weighted vests during your workouts, make sure you don’t go over this limit for your safety.
  • While the 11” of space from the wall is fine for most, you do have to watch that you don’t swing with too much enthusiasm!


The Yes4All Wall Mounted Pull Up and Chin Up Bar was a fantastic purchase and we are very happy with it. It feels secure to use, the variety in exercises is great and we continue to use it throughout training.

Before you purchase we would recommend checking that you have an appropriate place to install it, one that has the right stud spacing, but other than that, we’re sure that you will be extremely satisfied with this pull-up bar.

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