Pull Up Bar Ideas For Exercises to Get A Powerful Workout

Pull up bars may look dull but they are actually quite efficient. They allow you to perform a wide variety of exercises. When it comes to shaping the upper body, a pull up bar is what the doctor ordered. Here are some pull up bar ideas that you can use for giving your workouts an extra boost.

Selection of Pull Up Bar Ideas

Not all pull up bars are created equal, especially the ones you get for your home gyms. You will need to understand what you need to look for in a pull up bar so that you can get the best ones.

You should start by checking the weight limitations. All pull up bars have a maximum weight that they can handle. Most of them are capable of handling up to 300 pounds. If you want a higher weight limit, you need more durable models. While expensive, they can handle around 600 to 800 pounds.

The mounting type offered should be your next priority. Some pull up bars are meant to be stuck on to doorways while others are supposed to be screwed to the wall or ceiling.

Finally, there are the freestanding options. You should also check the grip options. Several pull up bars allow you to use multiple grip styles to enable a wider range of exercises to be performed.

Once you get the right pull up bar, you will need to learn about the various exercises that you can perform with one.

Basic Pull Ups

One of the most effective exercises on the pull up bar is also the simplest one. The basic pull up is an amazing exercise for improving your arm strength as well as your core muscles. Overall, it is a fantastic exercise for the upper body and works your back muscles primarily.

To perform a basic pull up, you should start with a dead hang. Ensure that your elbows are straight and the palms facing away. Tighten the core while keeping the shoulders back and the chest up. Now, pull your body up and ensure that your chest comes in contact with the bar.

It might be difficult for you to do one as you start. However, you need to work on it and with time you are sure to perform a set effortlessly. There are various techniques you can try to improve your ability to perform a pull up.

Chin Ups

Unlike pull ups, chin ups will mainly exercise your back and biceps. However, it still requires your entire body to perform, making a good overall exercise for your body.

The starting position and the overall movement in a chin up are similar to the pull up. However, there is one major difference. Your palms must be facing towards your body instead of away.

Burpee Pull Ups

These kinds of pull ups are quite advanced but they are a powerful exercise. You can increase your pull strength considerably with it.

To start, stand facing the bar. Drop down and get into the squat position. Put your hands on the floor and then push your feet back into the push up position. You can lower your body or perform a complete push up. Once done, jump back into the squat position. Without stopping, jump into the air, reach out to the pull up bar and perform a pull up.

Knees to Elbows

This exercise is a great way to work on your abs. To start, you should be gripping the bar. Keep the palms away from you while the arms should be apart by the width of your shoulders.

Gently swing back your legs. Bring the knees up towards your chest. If possible, touch your elbows. Go back to the starting position and repeat as many times a required.

Hanging Knee Raises

If you want to strengthen your core, you can try this exercise. It can help you perform harder exercises down the line.

First, you should preferably opt for a bar that allows your feet to remain clear of the ground. To start, jump and grab the bar. Your palms should be facing away. Your hands must be on the bar at shoulder-width to each other.

Tighten your body straight as you are pulling your shoulders back and down. Ensure that your lights are together tightly and bring the knees towards the chest. Now, squeeze towards the chest before lowering your legs down again while maintaining the straight line.


It is certainly possible to perform l-sits with a pull up bar instead of just the floor. This exercise is capable of increasing your core strength.

To perform it, you need to hold the bar with both hands. Now, raise your legs till they become parallel to the floor. Instead of lowering down, you should be holding this position as long as possible.

Hanging Leg Raises

This exercise is also capable of strengthening your core. It can be tricky as it forces you to improve your control as well as your grip. The benefits are great, however.

To start, hold the bar. Ensure that the palms are away from you. Tighten your abdominal section. Pull your shoulders down and back. You need to keep your legs completely straight as you pull them up. The floor and your legs must become parallel. Hold this position for a second before lowering down in a controlled manner.

You can make this exercise more challenging by trying to get your toes to reach the bar. Pay attention to your knees. They should be straight. Avoid using a lot of momentum during the exercise.

Muscle Ups

One of the most challenging but also the most effective exercises you can perform with a pull up bar is muscle ups.

To perform this exercise, start with a normal pull up. Once your chest comes in contact with the bar, pull yourself further up. You should be on the top of the dip position. Now, lower down in a controlled manner.

For a fitness enthusiast, a pull up bar can be immensely beneficial. It can help considerably in getting the sculpted upper body that you always wanted.

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