How to Do Pull Ups at Home

Are you interested in getting into shape in an easier way at home? Some people consider pull ups their favorite type of exercise of all time. On the other hand, many of us can not do this type of exercise. It is true that pull ups require a lot of training and exercising of many muscles categories of the body.

Pull ups work muscles from the back, biceps, forearms and much more. If people were to report the level of their fitness to this type of exercise, it is noticeable that anyone who can do one pull up is in a pretty good shape, but when it comes to those who can do ten or more pull ups, they definitely are in a great fitness shape.

If you want to start training the categories of muscles mentioned before, you can start to exercise with a pull up bar system at the gym. If you do not have the possibility to go to the gym regularly, you can always try to exercise at home.

You can try and invest in a bar system, but of course, you can improvise with what household items you have around your establishment. You might be surprised to find out what random items you can employ into you exercise routine. Among them are found the dining table, the door from your room, door frames or even chairs. But more of this you will find down below in detail.

Using doors as props

You can definitely use the doors from your home as a prop for your pull ups training. This method is also known as “let me in” and this might be the easiest method that you can choose to start exercising. You can hold onto the both handles of the door, have a placement of the feet on both sides of the door and with the straight position of the body you can start to pull.

You can also take the exercise to another level and make your work a little bit harder with the help of a towel. You can take a towel, wrap it around the handles of the door and by respecting the above-mentioned steps you can increase the leverage and do more intense pull ups.

Another method that you can choose for exercising is to take a towel and place it on top of a door when it is opened. You can do the pull ups by sliding your body in an up and down motion. The method itself is very effective and you can see the results quickly.

One thing that you must keep in mind if you want to try this method is that the action itself will place stress on the hinges of the door and in time you might have to spend some money on repairs. When it comes to the frame of the door, you can use them for training, too.

You must check if the frame is sturdy enough to support your body’s weight and the movements because not all door frames can help you. You will also need more strength on your fingers because of the narrowness of the frame.

Using chairs as props

You probably did not think about this possibility, but you should know that you can use two chairs to do pull ups in an inverted row.

What you will need for this is any implement that you think it has an enough length and a solid handle that can support the weight of your body (for example, you could use a broom that has a handle made out of wood, or a land paddle), two steady chairs and probably something that you can place under your feet, so that you will not slip and hurt yourself.

It is important to check before if it is safe to do it like this. You can place the chairs back to back, place the implement between them and lie underneath it for starting to do pull ups.

This method, with the inverted rows, can be also tried with the same implement, but between two solid tables, or even the countertops from your kitchen, whatever you find it to be safer. Just try to experiment what works best for you.

Using tables as props

The pull ups that you can do with the help of a table are the same that you can do with the chairs, more exactly, inverted rows. Look for the most solid table on your house and make sure that it can support the weight of your body before exercising because it might lead to hurting yourself or someone else.

You have to lie underneath the table, with both hands grab the edge of the table and start to pull up and down your body. Make sure that the position of the legs is correctly performed and that you have a cloth that you can use so that your fingers will not slip.

Using the outdoors as prop

If you live near a playground, you can look around for when no one is there and use the top of the swing to do your pull ups. You can also do this on a basketball court or a soccer court.

If none of those is possible, try to look for an older tree and just hang from its branches that look more solid and this will test your strength from different angles because you probably can not find the perfect branch.


When it comes to this type of exercise or exercising in general, you need to think about this: be stronger than your excuses. This is what you should remind yourself anytime you are looking for excuses not to exercise because it can be done in any way, even if you do not have the time or the money to go to a gym and practice there.

You can do it at home, in the yard or even in the park. You only have to wish for it and where there is a will, there is always a way.

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