The Different Kinds of Pull-up Bars

In case you are wondering whether there is exercise equipment available that’s affordable and at the same time, provide an effective workout for muscle gain and strengthening, you have to check out the pull-up bar. The pull-up bar has been used by a lot of athletes and bodybuilders through the years due to its benefits, and in fact, the pull-up bar design is not limited to one, so you can get a model that will fit your home environment.

Although many trainers consider pull-up routines as complicated, its advantages are immense and indeed provide a lot of improvement on the individual’s core and upper body.

The pull-up bar targets the upper body and the muscles from parts like the back, shoulders and the arms. But there are also variations using a lowered bar that targets lower body parts like the abs and the calf muscles.

There are lots of available pull-up routines online that one can do with the equipment. This is a versatile, convenient exercise equipment because you can get one that you can easily install at home.

These items are affordable too so it wouldn’t hurt for you to try it.

As soon as you have bought a bar for home use, you can start by making a workout routine that makes use of the bar to target your preferred body parts. As mentioned earlier, you can get routines online easily.

However, any routine that you make that uses the bar and your total weight can work just as good. When you have your routine down pat, stick with it and be certain that you make an effort to perfect said routine so you can get on with more advanced techniques.

Keep in mind that doing pull-ups and chin-ups are not for the weak; you have to exert plenty of effort in the beginning just trying to pull-up your body and allow your chin to go over the bar.

However, with dedication and lots of practice, you will eventually accomplish doing a proper set with a number of reps.

There are lots of pull-up bar types and sizes available. For busy folks, a high-quality portable pull-up bar is a nice option to have on hand.

Most of the time, these bars are made with welded-gauge steel material and to provide it strength, they are built with triangular gussets. These bars offer lots of support for the weight of the user.

Quality bars allow a comfortable yet firm grip. Here are some common kinds of pull-up bars sold today.

Door Pull-up Bar

This is one of the most affordable models available, and it will not take so much effort to install as well. A door pull-up bar is also called the extending pull-up bar in the gym and exercise industry.

The item is a chrome tube, and it can be extended on both sides so it can accommodate any door with a width of 3 ft. Manufacturers often suggest that the bar should be used with brackets to prevent it from dropping off of the door.

Doorway Pull-up Bar

This kind of chin-up bar offers a variety of grips like wide grip, close grip, and neutral grip. The doorway pull-up bar makes use of various control points to make a tight and secure grasp on the doorway; you won’t be obligated to use brackets on it.

The different grips are cushioned to prevent doing damage to the door, the surrounding walls, and the user.

Freestanding Pull-up Bar

If you are not too keen on portable pull-up bars, or the idea of mounting a permanent pull-up bar in your home, you can opt for a freestanding model. This kind of pull-up bar can be positioned anywhere you prefer at home, and it will not obligate you to do installing procedures.

But it is important to remember that this kind of bar can be mounted in a 5 x 5 space with enough ceiling height. It can also help individuals to accomplish dips to enhance their chest and triceps.

Ceiling- or Wall-mounted Pull-up Bar

This kind of bar makes use of screws so it can be fixed to a solid and durable surface like the wall or the ceiling. One setback of this bar though is that it stays positioned to only one area and it cannot be taken away in case you want to move houses.

When you want to mount one, keep in mind that it has to maintain a downward, non-stop pushing force of around 250-300 pounds for an extended time in one continuous period. Hence the ceiling or the wall must be sturdy enough to take the force.

Pull-up Bar Station

The pull-up bar station is also known as the Power Tower. This is a good recommendation for a pull-up bar. However, this is not ideal for small homes since it will take up a good amount of space compared with standard door frame bars.

If you have enough room for it, it’s a good choice, though. At least with this kind of bar, you won’t have to deal with door frame damage. They are not the portable kind, but they work just as fine as the ones made for doorframes.

You can perform a variety of exercises on the station like the hanging pull-up. In fact, doing dips on the station is preferable compared to doorway bars.

When looking for a pull-up bar that you can use at home, you have to be certain that you are going to purchase one from a reputable company. You would want to invest in something that will last you a long time and not one of those crappy brands that give out just after a few uses.

You also need to determine what specifications the ideal pull-up bar for you should have. A lot of individuals miss the mark when it comes to determining the proper size and price for a pull-up bar.

Buyers who concentrate on top styles were guaranteed to be satisfied with their buys. If you are a true-blue fitness enthusiast or a beginner who wants to get into health and fitness, a regular size will benefit you well.

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